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API Usage Requirements

The purpose of this document is to outline the guidelines and best practices related to the usage of APIs provided by Tagboard for the use cases listed below.

Usage Restrictions/Requirements

  • Current approved uses
    • Public (audiences of > 1) display…
      • In mobile/native apps
      • In video broadcasts (including streaming)
      • On websites [requires elevated approval]
  • Tagboard must have access to the expression or product/view that is built using the API, including:
    • Login credentials
    • Development sandbox/environment
  • Use of data provided by the Tagboard API to target users with advertising, including without limitation on other advertising networks, via data brokers, or through any other advertising or monetization services is strictly prohibited
  • Use of data provided by the Tagboard API is subject to, and governed by, the terms and conditions of Content Providers (such as Twitter, Facebook, etc
  • We strongly recommend local storage and caching of post data and attached media

Design/Display Requirements

In general, when the API is used to re-display a social post to an audience, the design of the presentation of the post should mimic the design found on the original source network. That is, a social post should look like a social post.

Tagboard Design Tenets & Philosophy

In addition to network-specific display guidelines listed below, we ask Tagboard API customers to know and observe Tagboard’s Design Tenets:

  • Truth in data — no manipulation of user data or message
  • Clarity of context — don't obfuscate the source of data, or why its in view
  • Dynamism — retain the sense that the data is live and real-time
  • Ease of use — remove unnecessary friction
  • Appeal — make it look and feel great
  • Attention to detail — don't compromise on quality


Please read and reference:

  • Never modify Tweets or Tweet content
  • Do not display Tweets that have been deleted by the original author
  • Show the user’s full name, @username, Tweet text, and profile picture
  • Always include the Twitter logo
    • In close proximity to the Tweets
    • For the duration that Tweets appear
    • In a reasonable size (in relation to the content)
  • Include the Tweet timestamp (date and time the Tweet was published)
  • Do not imply endorsement of any product or service


Please read and reference:


Please read and reference:

Technical Restrictions/Requirements

Featured API Rate Limits

  • Rate limits window is 1 minute
  • 15 GET calls per rate limit window
  • Rate limits are per-token basis
  • Each API call will return a rate-limits information in the headers that will inform you of your current limit, window, used and remaining.

Featured Removed API Rate Limits

  • No rate limits for this end point

Tips to avoid being Rate Limited

  • Caching
  • Throttling based on "remaining" requests


  • Token Based Authentication
  • RESTful API with server side support
  • No support for JSONP or CORS

Post Deletions

It is a requirement that reasonable effort be made to remove posts which no longer appear in the API as a result of either author deletion from original source network or an un-feature action has been taken by a tagboard administrator.

We recommend using the last_updated time value and the post_id when removing posts from your Featured post cache to account for unfeatured posts being refeatured.

API Usage Requirements

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