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Live Curator

Live curator was specifically developed for high velocity and high volume situations, such as live events.

Launching Live Curator

  • Log in to Tagboard.com
  • Open your Tagboard
  • Click on “Curator” in the toolbar
  • Live curator will launch into view

Before Tagboard is Live at An Event

  • You will see three tabs at the very top of your curator tool: Inbox, Featured, All
  • Optional: Select “Featured” and click on “Clear All” if you’d like to start with brand new content
  • Select the “All” tab
  • This will load into view all posts from the approximately the past 24 hours
  • You can then choose the latest content for Tagboard Live to display when initially activated
  • Select the blue ‘check’ icon above the post to approve it or the red ‘block’ icon to block the post
  • Selecting the drop down arrow next to the ‘block’ icon allows you to block a user so that any new content from that user will no longer aggregate
  • Any blocked users will display in the ‘All’ tab at the top of the screen

When Tagboard is Live at the Event

  • Select “Inbox” at the top of the screen
  • All new posts will aggregate into your Live Curator tool in real time
  • The top right hand corner will say “waiting” when Tagboard is looking for new posts with your hashtag, and will say “load new” when new posts have been made and available for approval
  • Select “load new” to load those posts into view
  • You will then have the ability to approve posts two ways:
  • You can skip or approve each post individually or
  • You can skip all of the posts you don’t want approves, and leave the ones you do want approved sitting in your inbox view. Then in the top right hand corner hit “feature all” and any post you did not skip will be featured

If You Accidentally Feature a Post

  • Select the ‘featured’ tab at the top of the screen
  • This will show you all of the posts that you have featured
  • You simply select the red trash icon to remove the post from featured

Filtering Content

You will see you have a few options for filtering content:

  • Keyword: You can search for posts containing a keyword by typing in the word in the keyword search bar in the top left. This will pull up any posts you have loaded into your inbox that includes this keyword
  • Network: You can filter by network and approve posts from specific social networks by simply selecting the network(s) in the drop down menu
  • Post type: You can also filter content and only show text-only posts or photo and video posts by selecting your filter from the dropdown menu

Live Curator