Tagboard Support

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Things to know

  • Tagboard is a web-based application
  • Tagboard runs in any up-to-date browser
  • Recommended browser: Google Chrome (for its security, ability to go full-screen without any controls showing, and speed)
  • Tagboard requires broadband internet (minimum 1.5 mbps), and standard HTTPS (SSL) ports for web browsing

There are several ways you can use Tagboard for TV

  1. Signal conversion via scan converter, mixer or scaler
  2. On-set display/touchscreen
  3. Tablet-to-screen via Apple AirPlay (or similar signal flow)

Tagboard can fit on any size monitor. As long as the monitor can display a website, Tagboard can fill the screen. We have clients that utilize Tagboard on all monitors no matter what size and shape. This could be background monitors in the studio, feeding external monitors and on lobby computer monitors

Option 1: Full Screen Router Source Using Scan Converter
Goal: convert computer signal to broadcast video for: (1) full-frame graphics, (2) DVE or PiP graphics, you can crop the screen or do a DVE Pushback and squeeze the programing above it or (3) keyed graphics for lower third, key out the green or blue background.

Option 2: On-set Display/Touchscreen Shot with Studio Camera
Goal: use Tagboard on an integrated on-set display, such as a touchscreen or large TV, and shoot with talent interaction optional. Stations use us on Accuweather Storyteller, Perspective Pixel, Standard touchscreens and web-based TV’s. Any monitor that can access an internet browser can show Tagboard. You can also utilize HDMI input.

Option 3: Tablet Mirroring
Goal: leverage a mobile tablet’s video output using wired or wireless signal and integrate in video broadcast. Stations use this with an iPad, Microsoft Surface or other tablet and take it to screen via Airplay, hdmi, or mirroring software. If you are using an iPad you can download Frameless, a free app that allows you to take Tagboard to air without the URL bar.

Please let us know if you have any questions ​by emailing us at TV@Tagboard.com. We are happy to jump on a quick call too.