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The Tagboard API

For customers looking for more functional-level integrations, Tagboard offers a robust API for delivery of featured posts.

The Tagboard API is a RESTful delivery system that offers standard payload variants, such as JSON, XML, and even RSS. It is intended for contexts where display activations rely on additional system integrations, such as real-time character generation, native/mobile apps, or highly customized web applications.

Tagboard provides the API as part of our ongoing commitment to user communities first, to source networks, and to our customers. As such there are limitations to the applications the API can be used for, and how — to ensure rights, licensing, and experience are retained for all parties involved. These limitations are documented in API Usage Requirements.

How do I get API access?

Access to Tagboard API is available to current customers as part of our Enterprise product offering, by request only. To request access, use our Get Started form, and denote "API" for the "Interested in" field; the request will be routed to our API sales team who will be in touch within 24 hours.

The Tagboard API

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